Guest Editorial: Safety Message for Old Town Districts

A Message Sent On Behalf Of Scottsdale Police District 2 Command Staff 

In an effort to continue collaboration on safety in our community, we wanted to alert Old Town businesses, including bar and hotel security and staff, to be vigilant in the coming days as the potential for civil unrest could again occur within our city. The difference between this time and last year is, we are going to be dealing with full establishments and more people in the area, which could be adversely affected by any potential unrest.

We wanted to revisit the importance for each business to establish and/or refresh yourselves on a safety plan for if/when a civil unrest event occurs. Whichever strategy your business chooses to maintain, ensure that your staff understands and can follow that plan should the need arise. Protection of your staff, guests and customers should be paramount to any other potential loss or damage of property.

As we saw last year, civil unrest situations can develop quickly and with little to no warning. It is imperative that all of us remain vigilant, take ownership and communicate information to each other should there be any indication that something may occur.

We ask that over the next few weeks, you conduct a “once around,” “sweep,” (or whatever you’d like to call it) of your properties and direct areas of control. Please do this at the beginning, during and end of your shifts. Please keep an eye out for “staged items” or any suspicious items that may appear out of place.

Please make sure that equipment or loose property that is stored outside is secured and anything that could be used as improvised weapons, barricades or means of damaging or destroying property is removed from the area. Please ensure that your dumpsters are not overflowing and locked at night if possible.

Please let us know if you or your employees hear of any rumors of unrest, or people planning on inciting a disturbance.

Ofc. Daniel Safsten #1304
Downtown Crime Prevention Officer