Guest Editorial: Only One?

By Alexander Lomax

I don’t make a habit of praising Arizona Republicans, but I do believe in positive reinforcement. It is with that in mind that I feel obligated to give a shout-out to State Senator Paul Boyer.

In case you missed it, Boyer was the ONLY Republican vote against holding the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt for their lack of kow-towing to the angry mob of no-nothings. Even though all local election experts, regardless of party affiliation, agree that our election was devoid of shenanigans, that hasn’t stopped the mob-catering AZ GOP legislators from calling for a full audit. Mind you, the Board of Supervisors agreed to a look from certified election auditors, but the GOP apparently wants to use the same Trumpian “auditors” who have already been laughed out of a Michigan courthouse, spending a small fortune to uncover a discrepancy of…12 votes.

The former Recorder, Democrat Adrian Fontes, lost his race, underscoring how poor he is at rigging an election. The new Recorder agrees that this was a normally-run election. The Republican-dominated Board was in charge of day-of voting. And somehow the state GOP thinks that they’re all colluding together, because something something something FRAUD!

If any of these supposed leaders had a backbone, they would tell their constituency that the former President is whipping them into a false frenzy. Backbone is apparently in short order at the Capitol though. Wasting taxpayer dollars by the million is apparently back in vogue in Arizona.

Perhaps Boyer is giving his fellow Republicans cover and is willing to fall on the sword. Perhaps no one else would vote against it otherwise. Regardless, a cheers goes out to Sen. Boyer, a beacon of honesty and decency in a puddle of filth. I’m sure that future votes from him will irk me, but for now he’s saving us a metric ton of national embarrassment.