Guest Editorial: Let’s Be Blunt About Education

By Alexander Lomax

I will never understand the opposition to legalized marijuana here in Arizona. Oddly enough, there seems to be a lot of overlap between those people and the folks who don’t want taxes on anything, which is the most vexing and confusion of dissonances.

Is this not the perfect solution? Tax revenue is generated from something that you do not use, from something that you will not pay for; it’s tax revenue generated from a magical puff of smoke, pun intended. Everyone born since WWII knows by now that marijuana does not have any serious societal effects other than munchies, so any concerns about increased spending to compensate for problems won’t be the case.

It is basically free revenue for education. Most anyone who has been paying attention to Arizona’s issues knows that educational spending is a common concern. Unless you are the sort of tin-foil hatter that thinks that Miss Smith is using her 2nd-grade classroom as a cover for Marxist indoctrination, isn’t this a good thing? Someone else helping fund Miss Smith’s classroom?

So why aren’t low taxation advocates celebrating in the streets? A significant tax that doesn’t impact them in the slightest! The burden is on someone else!

I think we should all take a moment and appreciate that Arizona took millions of dollars from drug dealers, made it taxable, and inserted it into our schools.