Guest Editorial: Last Minute Save For The Holidays

By Scottsdale Pinetop

The cancellation or adaptation of community events seems to be a recurring theme this year as we continue to live through the pandemic. No matter how much preparation and effort goes into planning an event – sometimes things just take a wrong turn. Such was almost the case for the small town of Pinetop-Lakeside and its annual Christmas celebration.

On November 30th, as the town was making their final preparations at the Jack Barker Memorial Park, they received the unfortunate news that the remaining lights needed to complete the Christmas display were not coming.

With no luck finding alternative options, the town began to consider canceling the event altogether. But thanks to the quick actions and support of one community leader, the residents of Pinetop-Lakeside will once again enjoy a little piece of holiday spirit.

ACE Hardware of the White Mountains, owned and operated by local residents Bryon and Kim Brown, jumped at the opportunity to do their part in securing all the remaining lights needs to keep the celebration afloat. Only postponing the event by one week, the park opened its “Nights of Lights” on December 12th welcoming all, big or small.

“Nights of Light” will be open to the public until January 31st.

Finding smart and safe ways for communities to enjoy the holidays take a lot of creativity, flexibility and dedication. Sometimes they go wrong and sometimes they go right. And while a simple lights celebration may seem like a small endeavor, celebrations like these are important to the morale and joy that so many of us are looking for this holiday season during a never-ending pandemic nightmare.