Guest Editorial: Kyrsten Sinema Shows Her Temperament and Moderate Path with Confirmation Vote

By Recker McDowell —

The U.S. Senate has confirmed attorney Mike Liburdi to the U.S. District Court for Arizona.

Liburdi is a conservative attorney who previously served as general counsel to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey.

Liburdi was confirmed by a 53 to 37 vote in the very divided U.S. Senate.

But both of Arizona’s U.S. Senators Martha McSally, a Republican and Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, voted for Liburdi’s confirmation.

Only two other Senate Democrats (Doug Jones of Alabama and Joe Manchin of West Virginia) voter Liburdi, who was nominated by President Donald Trump.

Sinema has taken a distinctly moderate path since taking office earlier this year. She has been bipartisan and centrist in political climate where both parties and many politicians have run to ideological corners.

Sinema has shown herself thoughtful on votes including the judicial nomination.

“As Arizona’s senior Senator, I will evaluate every nominee based on whether he or she is professionally qualified, believes in the role of an independent judiciary, and can be trusted to faithfully interpret and uphold the rule of law. After knowing him for many years, meeting with him, and carefully considering his nomination, I believe Mike Liburdi meets those high standards and I support his nomination to the Federal Judiciary,” Sinema said in a statement.

Let’s hope Sinema and McSally can work together on more issues after their tough and tight 2018 campaign.

Sinema won the Arizona U.S. Senate last year because she took the middle and tempered road in the age of Donald Trump, AOC and seemingly constant fights and outrage on social media and in the 24/7 news cycle.

Sinema’s path isn’t pleasing the vocal, activist and progressive wing of the Democratic Party. But it fits with the temperament of many Arizona voters.

Her votes, including on this one, shows she’s ‘governing’ as she campaigned.