Guest Editorial: Good Grades for Kate Gallego’s First Six Months as Phoenix Mayor

By Recker McDowell —

Kate Gallego recently hit the six-month mark as Phoenix mayor.

Gallego noted her for first 6 months in an office in a recent tweet touting a new Harkins Movie Theatre coming to Laveen, the defeat of Propositions 105 and 106 (which aimed at light rail and the city’s pension system) and new city restrictions on so-called ‘dark money’.

Gallego also pointed out the Phoenix City Council now has a major of members who are moms.

The city did hit a legal setback in an Arizona Supreme Court ruling siding with Christian calligraphy artists who challenged a Phoenix ordinance extending discrimination protections to the LGBTQ community.

But Gallego has shown continued growth and maturation as mayor after previously serving on the Phoenix City Council.

Gallego is a Democrat and a progressive on a number of issues. But even conservatives should give a nod to her measured, mature and reasoned approach to issues large and small.

That’s not always easy in today’s social media and scorched earth approach to politics at all levels.

Gallego’s social media footprint certainly had advocacy against Propositions 105 and 106. But it is also about the new mayor visiting and promoting local businesses, new job creators, community groups and neighborhoods.

We saw considerable growth and maturation from Gallego during the Phoenix mayor’s race where she defeated Daniel Valenzuela (both of whom previously served on the Phoenix City Council).

Six months into her term, Gallego has continued to show political talents, instincts and an increasing comfort level.

The city has challenges, including an increasing homeless population and what path to take on police oversight.

Gallego and other Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, will also have to navigate how to operate effectively and efficiently in a national political climate dominated by President Donald Trump on the right and progressives, socialists and impeach Trump diehards on the left.

But it’s been ‘so far, go good’ for Kate Gallego during her first months at the helm in Phoenix.