Guest Editorial: Girl Scout Cookie Season Goes Viral

Girl Scout’s adorable sales pitch goes viral causing an outpour of cookie sales

By Valley Girl

The Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us! And many of us look forward to purchasing our favorite cookie variety. But this year you won’t be seeing girl scouts out and about selling those delectable goods. Since door-to-door and in person interactions are off the table this year for safety guidelines many scouts have had to find new ways to get those tasty treats to the customers. And it has been harder than ever for these scouts to get the word out despite how addictive the cookies are.

Photo Credit: Kristen Shroyer

However, for Scottsdale’s 6-year-old Allie Shroyer who went viral with her improvised ring doorbell pitch video, it has been a different story. The video was taken from a family friends ring doorbell system and sent to the family for some laughs. But little did they know that Allie’s message would have such an impact.

Moments after walking up and ringing the doorbell, Allie begins with a quick greeting and continues with; “My favorite kinds are the purple kind. What is yours? You can buy them $5 each. Would you like one, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6 , or 7, or 8, or 9 , or 10? I don’t know, maybe 11, 12?”. Now who could resist that?

After Allie’s mother, Kristen Shroye, decided to post the video on to Facebook where the interactions came as a wonderful surprise as sales began to rise at alarming rates. Selling over a total of 1000 boxes, Allie, the young entrepreneur with a big heart and her fellow troops had decided to donate to charity as sales poured in and continue to pour in.

Each scout was given their own website to take people’s orders electronically and they provide contact-less delivery as well. Cookie sales were available for delivery as of January 18th and will be going on until February 28. So, to show your support for Allie and her troops visit her website and get your hands on those delightful cookies before February 28th.