Guest Editorial: Former Phoenix Foes Working Together

By Scottsdale Pinetop

In a time of immense political divisiveness and strife there is never a shortage of disparaging comments on social media. That is why it is so refreshing to see politicians put animosity and political agendas aside to work together for the public good.

In a social media post last week, former Phoenix councilmember Daniel Valenzuela announced that he would be serving as Chair of Phoenix’s Home Rule Effort at the request of Mayor Kate Gallego. Phoenix’s Home Rule Effort, known as YES on Proposition on 444, will allow Phoenix residents to control local spending by extending “home rule” which allows charter cities in Arizona to enact their own expenditure limitations.

Just one year ago, Mayor Gallego defeated Daniel Valenzuela in the Phoenix mayoral race. Now they’re joining forces as former opponents should.

Former foes becoming allies is nothing new for Arizona. In 2018, Governor Doug Ducey appointed former 2014 Democrat gubernatorial opponent Fred DuVal to the Arizona Board of Regents, in the spirit of bipartisanship. And as far as we can recall, the partnership has worked well for the residents of Arizona.

In Arizona, politicians have a track record of working together and putting aside differences to get positive things done for the people they serve. Mayor Gallego and Daniel Valenzuela’s cooperation is the perfect example of what Arizonans can accomplish when we work together.

This is great news to hear considering the tone of politics these days. In recent ones, political commentators have been narrowly focused on increasing the political divide rather than finding meaningful solutions that bring us together. Because it really is #OurCity.

Other governments, both local and national, should take note.