Guest Editorial: Ducey Missed the Economic Mark

By Alexander Lomax

Would you say that the economy has been fantastic in Arizona over the last 12 months?

Of course not, because if you are reading this you must have at least a few senses at your disposal, and likely some degree of critical thinking skills. This seems to be more than can be said about Governor Ducey and his treatment of the “rainy day fund” however.

Instead of taking a data-driven stance and realizing that reality on the ground has changed, Ducey is sticking to his guns of attempting to cut taxes every year that he’s in office, fiscal prudence be damned. Perhaps more ridiculous is his stubborn refusal to draw down from our $1 billion Rainy Day Fund, which was organized for this very reason. No one would blame him for drawing down from it to help with our rental crisis, or to boost our embarrassingly low unemployment benefits. Instead we are wholly dependent on the largesse of the United States government to guide us through the pandemic’s impact.

You know what would truly make some waves? What would show leadership? To tap into the fund to assist our myriad small businesses that have suffered in these tough times, or individuals who have had to deplete their savings because of a virus and its impact. I suppose the Governor is still chasing the impossible dream of the White House.

Perhaps the most lasting legacy of Governor Ducey? 8 years of trying to appease everyone and pleasing no one in the process.