Guest Editorial: Beyond Beans and Baristas; What Dutch Bros and Coffee Shops Say About Southern Scottsdale, Other Areas

Dutch Bros Coffee will be opening a new location on Scottsdale Road in between Thomas and McDowell Roads.

The location will succeed Dutch Bros very popular location at Papago Plaza. The old shopping center at McDowell and Scottsdale roads is being redeveloped.

Dutch Bros is being built in an existing parking lot. Those type of parking lot infill projects are popping up in Mesa, Phoenix and other cities. They are wise uses of space if they don’t hurt overall parking for other tenants.

As for Dutch Bros in southern Scottsdale, the popular coffee chain does not take its site selections lightly. The move to build a new location shows the attractiveness of southern Scottsdale.

A city and area can be judged by the coffee company it keeps. An ample amount of Starbucks, Dutch Bros and local coffee shops is a pretty good indicator of where an area is at economically and where it is headed.

Coffee shops and cafes usually follow professional and office jobs as well as creatives, college students and innovators.

Just think about all the coffee options in Old Town Scottsdale. Now, think about the growing number of such places in the southern part of the city. There are downtowns and corridors in other parts of metro Phoenix that have long sought a Starbucks or viable local coffee shops.

The ASU SkySong development has attracted not only tech firms and other tenants but has also sprouted restaurants. There are more culinary and coffee places in the southern part of Scottsdale and more coming.

That shows something about the area and where it is headed.