Guest Editorial: Arizona’s Own Three Ring Circus

By Alexander Lomax

Who needs to head to a real circus when you have Kelli Ward?

The embarrassing antics of Ward shouldn’t be news to you. She of the vaunted Chemtrails Commission, the person who has had no issue trashing an Arizonan icon, she of a certain constant desperation to stay relevant. As the saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste, and apparently according to Ward, manufacture that crisis as need be.

Kelli has been screaming from the rafters about the specter of fraud in our elections. She memorably attempted to take the pen out of the hand of the County GOP Chair as she was about to certify the results of the tabulation machine testing, since why should the truth get in the way of a good lie?

Ward recently won re-election to the position of AZ GOP Chair by a very close vote at their recent party reorganization meeting. And in perhaps the most beautiful irony possible, the living and breathing manifestation of a chef’s kiss, her election is now being challenged as being a fraud, and she is refusing an audit. Apparently, the state party wasn’t extremely forthcoming about the vote count for certain races. And I, for one, am SHOCKED. #sarcasm

This has led to a wide range of emotions for me personally, both beginning and ending with schadenfreude. A schadenfreude sandwich, if you will.

I witnessed many Democrats truly excited over her election to Chair in early 2019, and sometimes it’s tough to tell on social media if it truly is excitement or simply being snide. I now share this enthusiasm. Between her frequent childish actions, losing both statewide races in 2020, and then this, she is an evergreen gift.

Kelli Ward for AZ GOP Chair: now, tomorrow, and forever!!