Guest Editorial: Age Is Just A Number

By Phoenix Fuel

Fifty-eight laps around a pool—a mile to be exact —seems like no easy treck. However, for one 91-year-old it was no problem.


Nancy Moore decided to celebrate her 91st birthday different than most. As a resident at Westminster Village retirement community in Scottsdale, a group of Moore’s friends from the community gathered together to cheer her on with handmade signs and pom-poms in hand. At first, Moore said she would swim just one mile in the pool (a total of 58 laps). With still a bit of energy to give, Moore decided to swim an extra two laps making it an even 60 laps around the pool. Incredible!

This isn’t Moore’s first time pushing her swimming limits. At the age of 71, Moore participated in the 1.8-mile swim across the San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz Island for the Alcatraz “Sharkfest” Swim. Not only did Moore finish the swim, but she even outswam several participants who were much younger than her. If that wasn’t enough, Moore went on to swim across to Alcatraz Island two more times, making her the oldest woman to have completed the Alcatraz “Sharkfest” Swim.

Swimming is something that Moore enjoys and something that keeps her young. “Oh, it gives you a high. I don’t drink so I don’t know what a real high is, but it’s a high when you finish something, yeah,” Moore told ABC 15 Arizona.

Moore’s young-spirit serves as a reminder that age is just a number. Moore’s determination and passion proves you can do almost anything that you set your mind to. And who knows, maybe Moore will once again surprise us with a 100th birthday celebration swim.