Guest Editorial: A New, Innovative Approach on Indoor/Outdoor Dining

By Gilbert Guru

As one famous Greek philosopher once said, “Necessity is the mother of Invention.” And during these trying times, Plato’s words couldn’t be truer. For over a year, the pandemic has turned most of the world upside down creating numerous unforeseen challenges in its wake. But it has also created a unique surge in innovation. Small and large businesses are finding new and creative ways to navigate and overcome the current situation.

Photo Credit: Scottsdale Quarter

And for one of the Valley’s notable restaurants, Culinary Dropout, that innovation comes in the form of a dome. Culinary Dropout has created a COVID-friendly way for guests to partake in indoor and outdoor dining at the same time. The “Desert Domes” launched Friday, January 29th at the Scottsdale Quarter location of Culinary Dropout. The partially enclosed domes will be available by reservation for parties of 2-6 throughout March. As of now, there are only four domes available.

The experience of Culinary Dropout will not be hindered by parties that choose to eat in a Desert Domes. Patrons have access to the full menu, can venture out of their dome to enjoy the many yard games that Culinary Dropout offers. Each dome is heated and fully furnished.

The Desert Domes are also ideal for guests that wish to eat outside but have more privacy than sitting on the patio. Guests can feel safe during their experience at the Desert Dome in the fresh air but have the privacy as if they were sitting inside. It is a compromise of safety, privacy, and dining in the era of COVID.

Hopefully, other Valley restaurants follow the lead of Culinary Dropout to create innovative solutions that combine the indoor/outdoor experience dining and create a memorable meal for guests that is COVID conscious. It is crucial for people to live their lives during our current situation, but in a way that allows for them, others, and staff to be safe. Culinary Dropout’s Desert Domes exceed in this endeavor.