Good Samaritans: A Summer For Mary

By Recker McDowell —

It can be easy to point out when the government (at all levels) overreaches its bounds or is not working for the ‘little guy’. We all know the ‘You Can’t Fight City Hall’ refrain.

This is not the case at all with the city of Phoenix and the Good Samaritan work being down by the Planning & Development Department as well as contractors donating their time and materials to help repair the home of a resident after a fire last year.

The program is called a ‘Summer for Mary’ and ‘Helping Mary’. It centers on the city and contractors helping Mary Chavez whose home was damaged by the fire. She could not the afford the repairs. The program is led by Don Councilor, an inspections field director with the city’s Planning and Development Department.

Councilor and cadre of contractors have helped Chavez repair her home showing the good in people’s hearts and the good government and businesses can do. The latter happens because of the former.

You can check out videos of the effort here:

You can also contact Don Councilor for more information on the program at 602-501-0699 or It is a cause worth supporting and replicating.