‘For The Best Scottsdale’ Bond Campaign Adds Community Leaders, Elected Officials to Diverse Leadership

Additional honorary campaign co-chairs and Steering Committee members have joined the campaign supporting three Scottsdale bond measures on November ballot that bolster public safety, make overdue and essential infrastructure repairs and invest in senior centers, parks and recreation assets.

Current Scottsdale City Council members Guy Phillips and Virginia Korte, former Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross and former City Councilman Robert Pettycrew have joined the For The Best Scottsdale Campaign: Vote Yes on Questions 1, 2 and 3 as honorary campaign co-chairs. Other elected officials, past and present, will also be joining the Scottsdale bond campaign as honorary chairs. They will be announced in coming weeks. The current Scottsdale City Council and Mayor Jim Lane unanimously support the three 2019 bond measures.

Prominent business and civic leader Paul Messinger already serves as an honorary campaign co-chair. Manross and Pettycrew served as Mayor and on the Scottsdale City Council in 2000. That was the last time Scottsdale voters approved a major bond program.

The For The Best Scottsdale Campaign’s Steering Committee has also added new members from all parts of the community as support builds for the bonds.

Vernon Parker, a Scottsdale resident who was previously mayor of Paradise Valley, has joined the Steering Committee. “The bonds are important investments for all parts of our community. They benefit neighborhoods and will make overdue infrastructure repairs and upgrades,” said Parker.

Police Officers of Scottsdale Association President Damien Mendoza, Scottsdale Planning Commissioner Larry Kush, civic leaders Barry Graham and Jon Ryder and Scottsdale Arts President and CEO Gerd Wuestemann, have also joined the Scottsdale bond campaign’s Steering Committee. The leaders add to an already deep and diverse roster of community neighborhood and business advocates supporting the bonds and leading the grassroots campaign in favor of Questions 1, 2 and 3.

“The bonds fund projects that are important to Scottsdale’s quality of life and building a better and safer Scottsdale now and for the future. We strongly believe this infrastructure package will benefit neighborhoods and economic vitality throughout Scottsdale,” Wuestemann said.

The bond program funds 58 projects totaling $319 million. Projects include repairing lakes and irrigation systems on Indian Bend Wash as well as building new and renovating existing public safety and recreation facilities.

The Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS has endorsed the bond measures along with the Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA).

“The new Steering Committee members and honorary campaign co-chairs show how our community supports all three bond measures and how important they are for maintaining Scottsdale’s great quality of life. Scottsdale has not passed a major bond package since 2000. Our neighbors and friends know it is time for us to come together and invest in building a better and safer Scottsdale,” said For The Best Scottsdale Campaign Co-Chair Dana Close.