Ending The Dispensary Desert In Southern Scottsdale

There’s no shortage of things to do or places to shop in southern Scottsdale. A quite a lot of ink (or pixels) have been spilled opining about the pluses and minuses of the situation.

For residents of southern Scottsdale, there is a void. A big one. South Scottsdale has no medical marijuana dispensaries. Not one. North Scottsdale has four. It’s strange and unfair that residents of south Scottsdale have second class status in terms of access to legal medicine.

The dispensary disparity creates hardships for patients forced to make the drive to north Scottsdale or Tempe to get medical marijuana. The benefits of medical marijuana continue to be proven as cancer patients, and pain suffers will attest. Medicinal marijuana provides a viable and natural alternative to addictive opioids.

Scottsdale City Hall is considering a proposed dispensary that would right this wrong. Click here for more information.

Sunday Goods wants to open a dispensary at 4255 North Winfield Scott Plaza. This dispensary would replace a large tattoo parlor.

While we have nothing against tattoo parlors, this dispensary would be an upgrade in terms of neighborhood improvements. We’re not alone in that opinion.

Proposed dispensary

A survey shows sixty-six percent of Scottsdale voters supporting the idea. Sixty-nine percent of those living closest to the site support it.

A petition was just launched seeking support as well. Here is a link.

The debate over medical marijuana was essentially settled after a few years of vigorous debate. Just ask a recent chemo patient or someone with a bad back trying to avoid opioids.

The debate over whether south Scottsdale should have the same access medical marijuana as the rest of the city shouldn’t take that long. Indeed, the medical marijuana desert of south Scottsdale was one of the reasons Arizona’s Department of Health Services recently issued a license for the area.  Patients simply aren’t being served as well as other parts of the state. By signing the petition you can send a message those days are coming to an end.