Dave Is Right To Pave The Way On This Important Subject

Should he become Mayor we hope Scottsdale candidate Dave Ortega moderates his anti-business tone. That’s not what the local economy needs.  But there is something we hope he doesn’t change: his apparent, strong commitment to a non-discrimination ordinance for Scottsdale.

We have written our strong support for the policy previously.

The issue has re-entered the public discussion thanks to leadership from Scottsdale’s Human Relations Commission.  It also came up in the last mayoral debate between Ortega and rival, Lisa Borowsky.  We did not watch the debate but we note Ortega’s subsequent criticism of Borowsky in campaign ads saying she does not support the additional protections in Scottsdale

If true, we find that disappointing.  Scottsdale IS a welcoming, beautiful city.  But it should not be an excuse for abstaining on social justice and dignity.

Ortega is right on this one, not just on the policy.  But on the politics too.