Community Spotlight: Meet The #FindtheLizardLady

Earyn McGee, age 26, has been listed as a Forbes’ top 30 Under 30 scientists for 2021

By Valley Girl

Known to many as the Lizard Lady, McGee has been spreading her knowledge in a fun but educating way that has connected with hundred of people of all ages. Now as a graduate student from the University of Arizona, Lizard Lady has become an influential figure on social media platforms such as twitter for her unique content.

#Findthelizard is a hashtag centered around a game that McGee likes to play with her followers on twitter. Through her following, she enjoys providing facts about the lizards featured in the posts on social media. This daily activity is what she claims jolted her into the spotlight for being recognized as a Forbes’ top 30 Under 30 scientists.

Now, it is not all fun and games for this Lizard Lady since most of her time is spent researching the effects of climate change on lizards in the Southwestern region of the United States. She has also mentioned how important this recognition is not only for herself but for those that aspire similar dreams and goals as her.

“(I’m) trying to open doors for other Black and brown kids who are interested in the outdoors, and seeing that be recognized by Forbes … it was kind of a big deal for me,” McGee told The Arizona Republic. “I’m just trying to create resources that I wish I would have had access to when I was younger.”

As an African American female scientist, McGee uses her platform to reach out and encourage young African American girls to pursue their dreams. Especially dreams related to careers in natural resources. Currently, Earyn is completing her PhD at the University of Arizona as she continues to provide educational resources and spread awareness about the conditions of the environment.