Community Spotlight: Celebrating Two Scottsdale Graduates In A Special Way

Getting Creative with their senior pictures got Steven and Lincoln a meeting with Mayor Ortega of Scottsdale

By Valley Girl

Photo Credit: City of Scottsdale

As longtime best friends, Steven and Lincoln are sharing this milestone of becoming graduates during the midst of a pandemic. The two best friends both with autism graduated last year but were not able to take their senior pictures. With the pandemic, they had to find a clever, out of box idea for their senior pictures. So, Steven’s mother thought to ask Mayor Ortega if he would consider meeting them to take their senior photos. To their delight Mayor Ortega eagerly agreed to the meeting of honoring these graduates with a photo in the Scottsdale City Hall Kiva.

Even under their masks, it is nothing but smiling faces for these two high school graduates. They felt it was a special and thrilling way to commemorate overcoming great obstacles and recognizing their recent achievement. It also was about celebrating diversity as well as showing recognition to those that represent #ScottsdaleForAll. #ScottsdaleForAll can be seen on the City of Scottsdale’s social media that highlights and celebrates diversity to encourage progress in the community.

As the boys advance in life as bright individuals they will represent change and diversity as they continue their education. Steven will be studying at the University of Arizona in the field of care, health and society and as for Lincoln, he will be studying at both Scottsdale Community College and the University of Arizona. With bright smiles they go into brighter futures, we’ll be wishing Steven and Lincoln all the best luck!