The best political campaigns don’t just win, or reimagine how to do so. They are rewarding to those who put in the time, especially the volunteers.  New friendships are made.  Differences are put aside.  Laughter is frequent. And so is camaraderie.

There becomes a special sense of teamwork for a greater good.

By all indications that is what has happened with the motley crew that organized to pass Scottsdale’s first comprehensive infrastructure package in two decades.

Like the band Motley Crue the group can be loud, boisterous and even controversial.  Rumor has it they may have come up with some  interesting hashtags or two.  But contrary to the prediction of some, they have stuck together and will very likely remind us on November 5th that there are few things Americans, and Scottsdalians, can’t do when they set aside differences and come together.  Just like the Mayor and City Council did before them, setting a critical template for election emulation.