Best Scottsdale Political Move Of The Week

Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips got pummeled leading up to the August primary for insensitive comments, to put it politely.

But were his anti-mask comments – “I Can’t Breathe” – seemingly mocking a dying George Floyd the sign of a dark heart or just a stupid attempt at humor?

We believe the latter.  One can be against new social agendas and anti-mask, without being a bad soul.  Indeed, we disagree with Phillips on two of these current hot topics in the city.  We support a non-discrimination ordinance and the ongoing use of masks. But that doesn’t mean we also can’t look beyond differences to decency.

Phillips himself has made similar points, justifiably pointing to his long-time marriage to a Filipino immigrant.  He has a point.  And he is driving it home for all to see with new campaign road signs, for the first time in his political career, picturing him with her.

It is a not so subtle and effective reminder that even if you disagree with Phillips politically, or don’t like his commentary at anti-mask rallies, the whole of the person is different than one bad moment.