Alliance Metals USA Sees Positive Response and Turnout for Job Fair, Investments in La Paz County

(LA PAZ COUNTY, Ariz.) — Alliance Metals USA saw a healthy and supportive turnout of prospective employees at a job fair and information session Saturday regarding its proposed manufacturing facility in La Paz County.

Alliance Metals USA wants to bring new permanent jobs to a planned $30 million investment in La Paz County. The project is located between Salome and Wenden at a closed down cotton gin.

The new jobs are slated to pay between $13.50 and $25 per hour depending on experience. If the project is approved, Alliance Metals will be looking to hire plant managers, shift supervisors, technicians and maintenance workers.

“We are extremely pleased by the more than two dozen local residents who turned out for the job fair and the positive response to the project we are seeing from prospective job applicants and those in the community who see the economic benefits of our investment in La Paz County. We are excited to talk to more community members about our project and the new jobs we want to bring to the McMullen Valley,” said Loren Barton, Vice President of Alliance Metals USA.

Alliance Metals investment will also bring new tax revenue to Wenden, Salome and La Paz County that will help local schools, fire districts and community colleges.

Applicants at Saturday’s job fair in Salome said the new jobs and investment will help the local community and that the community needs more local jobs for its residents.

“It is obvious people want more good jobs in La Paz County. As a result, we intend to conduct other job fairs in the coming weeks in other parts of La Paz County. People are saying they want more jobs closer to home,” Barton said.