Know Your Audience

There have been some recent stories in local media about the Goldwater Institute jumping into a Scottsdale issue about access to its public swimming pools.

The organization is intervening on behalf of a for-profit Valley-based swim company called Neptune.  Neptune argues, as does Goldwater, that Scottsdale should basically commercialize its pools to favor it, over Scottsdale schools and local non-profits with a heavy concentration of Scottsdale residents and students such as the Scottsdale Aquatic Club and numerous others.

Rather than build its own pools for its own profit, Neptune is seeking to change the rules and use of local resources by locals themselves to bail its poor fortunes in the area out, after losing and burning relationships with numerous private pool properties in the Scottsdale area.

Neptune’s initial legal efforts lost badly in Maricopa County Superior Court.  Indeed, they actually lost on a motion for summary judgment. Enter, oddly, the Goldwater Institute to help Neptune’s appeal.

Not liking the criticism about its efforts from a Scottsdale parent with Scottsdale youth swimmers, a Goldwater lawyer fired back, but missed so many marks.  Bigly.

Like we can’t think of anything more tone-deaf in Scottsdale.  Basically, Goldwater’s Jon Riches’ argues forcefully for the commercialization of the city’s public resources like pools, parks and PRESERVES.


We don’t know where Riches lives but it’s clearly not Scottsdale.  If he does, or had, Riches clearly would have recalled a rather large debate that happened in 2016, 2017 and culminating in 2018 in which Scottsdale voters overwhelmingly rejected commercialization of its McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  The only thing less politically popular than the “Desert Discovery Center” and utilizing the Preserve to boost city returns might have been Michael Auerbach’s city council candidacy.

Neptune = Desert Discovery Center when it comes to use of Scottsdale’s public resources.  If Neptune’s endeavors and arguments weren’t all wet before, they surely are now.