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Why I support Prop 123 – and you should too!

By Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Council District 6

Dear friends,

I wanted to pass along five reasons why I support Prop 123, the May 17 special election referendum to help fund Arizona’s public K-12 schools.
1) $3.5 billion – that’s BILLION – for schools without raising taxes!
2) We’re using the state land trust, which exists to support public schools!
3) The state land trust will still grow by more than $1 billion!
4) We’re working to help pay teachers what they deserve!
5) Schools will receive $230 million this fiscal year – and billions more to come!
As you can see, Prop 123, which is supported by Governor Doug Ducey and the state’s business and education communities, is a no-brainer. Please join me in voting “Yes” on Prop 123 on May 17!

  • Dave

    Sounds like Prop 123 is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • BeenAroundTheBlock

    The Scoundrels’ Means for Funding Arizona Education

    Yesterday I received my voter’s information packet on Prop 123. My jaw dropped at what I read. Then, this afternoon Fed DuVal robocalled to say HE supports this monstrous affront to the citizens of Arizona and to our educational system–this guy pretends to be progressive?

    Prop 123 is nothing but a land-grab charading as support for education when the real support has been ILLEGALLY denied in DEFIANCE OF A COURT ORDER TO DO SO, by the AZ State Legislature. Funding education in accordance to Prop 123 lets the Governor and Legislature weasel out of paying the court ordered lawsuit settlement They have systematically ignored the DEMOCRATICALLY-VOTED WILL CITIZENS OF ARIZONA and the ARIZONA STATE CONSTITUTION.

    If you want to really see who REALLY benefits from Proposition 123, let me list those who wrote in favor in the voter’s guide. Just follow the money….

    – Sharon Harper: Buisinesswoman (“Lets Vote Yes for AZ Schools)
    – Doug Ducy (Republican Governor)
    – David Gowan (Republican AZ Speaker of the House)
    – Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    – Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
    – NAIOP-AZ (Arizona Real Estate Association)
    – Frank Riggs (Former Republican Gubernatorial candidate, (2014). Frank Riggs has been a national leader of SCHOOL CHOICE and education reform over the past two decades.)
    – Arizona Chamber Foundation (Foundation of the AZ Chamber of Commerce)
    – Arizona Manufacturers Council
    – East Valley Chambers of Commerce Alliance
    – Americans for Prosperity (ultra-conservative advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers)
    – Greater Phoenix Leadership Council (a business leadership organization focused on civic-improvement initiatives for the state.)

    Need more reasons to oppose this slight-of-hand?
    – This proposition was delivered to the House for its approval by the Governor with minimum notice and two days of time for review and comment by the general public.

    – The proposition was slated for “Special Election”, because they know very few people fully carefully read the propositions, much less cast off-cycle votes.

    – Depleting the Arizona Educational Trust lands will mean the income generated by our land-grant is gone forever… They claim to not raise taxes, but only for today, and only for themselves… tomorrow, support for education will HAVE to come out of new taxes for lack of grant income. VOTE NO on PROP 123.

    There is so much wrong with Proposition 123

  • Briana

    And 7 Reasons Why People Who Care About the Future of Arizona’s Education Should NOT Support Prop 123

    1. Prop 123 is taking funds from the State Trust Land Funds which are already meant for schooling

    2. Prop 123 is taking money from the State Trust Land Permanent Funds quicker than it can regenerating, leaving Arizona in an even worse funding situation in 10 years for the 13 beneficiaries of Land Trust Funds (INCLUDING Education). How funding is supposed to be determined according to the current Arizona Constitution (and what they want to get rid of): “the amount of annual distribution from a permanent fund established pursuant to this section [Land Trust Fund] is the amount determined by multiplying the following factors: (1) The average of the annual total rate of return for the immediately preceding five complete fiscal years less the average of the annual percentage change in the CDP price deflator, or a successor index, for the immediately preceding five complete fiscal years. (2) The Average of the monthly market values of the fund for the immediately preceding five complete fiscal years.” Essentially we want to completely ignore what the fund is able to handle and replenish to pull funds out for immediate use, ignoring what this will due to future funding.

    3. The voters approved money for Education (WHICH IT DID NOT GET), and they want to use this money, which already belongs to future funding for schools, to pay off the inflation money they were supposed to pay off. Proposition Line 8-9: “this amount would be appropriated for basic state aid to schools, including inflation adjustments required by law.”

    4. Allows Legislature to DECREASE base level funding amount allocated for each K-12 student. Lines 13-17 of Proposition: “The Legislature could reduce the base level funding amount allocated for each kindergarten-through-twelfth grade (K-12) student for the next fiscal year by the amount of the decreased distribution from the K-12 permanent fund. The base level reduction would not have to be paid back in future years or from other sources, but the base level amount would continue to grow as if the reduction did not occur.”

    5. Allow government to not pay for inflation (Your remember that prop we THE PEOPLE passed and now we have a Lawsuit to try to enforce because the GOVERNMENT refused to follow the law and give schools the funding). Line 18-20 of Proposition: “Proposition 123 would also create procedures for identifying economic circumstances in which the inflation adjustments otherwise required by law could or must be suspended for a particular fiscal year.”

    6. There is NO specification of how these funds need to be spent only that they go to school districts and charter schools. While flyers in support claim funding will go DIRECTLY to classroom there is nothing actually in the proposition that guarantees this. it could be used for classroom spending (i.e. classroom supplies, teacher salaries and benefits, classroom activities and tuition), or funding could go to administration.

    7. Doug Ducey supports it (enough said)

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