Special Feature: Most Read Stories From This Week

Staff Report –

A recap of the top three stories on Arizona Progress & Gazette from the past week. 

  1. Scottsdale’s Dos Equis Woman

Teacher. Preacher. Author. Activist. It’s quite an impressive title for one of Scottsdale’s most interesting residents. And a title that fits Paula Sturgeon perfectly. Read full story here.

  1. #LocalBuzz Q&A With Scottsdale City Council Candidate John Little

Former Scottsdale City Manager John Little is one of six top vote-getters in the August 4th primary which means he will move on to the November 3rd General Election. His face, and his mustache, are familiar to anyone who has followed politics in Scottsdale. Read full story here.

  1. Da Weasel & Da Winners

Following elections, and Scottsdale’s August 4th primary is no different, there is a temptation to declare winners and losers.  We will be no exception today.  But we seek to do so in a more insightful and entertaining way. Read full story here.