Scottsdale’s Lyrics

The Rolling Stones were in town last week. That got us thinking about some of their songs some of Scottsdale’s personalities might like best. Remember, have a sense of humor . . .

“Rough Justice”- David Smith

“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”- Emily Austin

“Start Me Up”- Guy Phillips

“I’m Free”- Linda Milhaven

“Sweet Virginia”- You know who

“Waiting On A Friend”- Suzanne Klapp

“Time Is On My Side”- Andrea Alley

“Beast Of Burden”- Howard Meyers

“Let’s Spend The Night Together”- Kathy and Bob Littlefield

“Get Off My Cloud”- Mike Norton

“Under My Thumb”- Jim Lane

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”- Sam Campana

“Gimme Shelter”- Rachel Sacco near Sandy Schenkat

“Sympathy For The Devil”- John Washington.