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Phoenix to Vote on Sanctuary City Status, I Will Vote NO

By Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Council District 6

Phoenix City Council will vote on a request for Sanctuary City status on February 15th at a formal council meeting.

I am firmly opposed to the effort to make Phoenix a Sanctuary City. I don't believe any local government should be able to pick and choose the laws they want to enforce. Additionally, I believe such a move would be illegal and would put our officers in the unethical position of having to ignore their oath to uphold state and federal laws.

Below is the press release from the City of Phoenix regarding today's Sanctuary City developments: Read the Full Release

  • Cassie57

    I read that Sanctuary cities in Arizona is illegal. So isn’t the point of this moot? Why is there such a rush on this? Who is pushing for this to happen and why? If this were to happen, then what are the far reaching effects of creating a Sanctuary city? What facts and planning documents have been reviewed or published about how this would operate here in Phoenix. Do we have the resources or personnel to properly implement a plan such as this?What impact will this have on the current members of the Phoenix community? What about monetary impact? What will it mean for the population in real facts-not touchy feely-knee-jerk reactions. How about the moral of the police and federal officers that are made to choose to which laws to enforce or uphold?

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