From Vote Janik for City Council in 2020

December 2019

To my friends and associates,

I want to notify you know that I will be running for City Council in 2020.  I made my decision after much thought about the future of Scottsdale.  My deep concerns were triggered in October when I received my weekly notice from P & Z Link (Planning and Zoning requests) from the City.  This notice was just another in a long continual stream of requests for zoning changes resulting in greater density and/or height in housing and commercial developments throughout Scottsdale.  To date, our current City Council has approved the vast majority of these requests with no eye to the neighbors’ opinions or to the cost of the infrastructure changes needed to accommodate the new density and/or height.

During my 2 years as director/treasurer of Protect Our Preserve, the most important message I heard from Scottsdale citizens was their dismay and strong opposition to the race by City Council to increase the density of our neighborhoods.  The most effective way to stop this incessant pursuit of up-zoning by developers is to change the complexion of City Council, to vote in citizen friendly council members.  With your support, we will take back control of City Council and return Scottsdale to its roots, recognizing and preserving our unique neighborhoods, activities, and ambiance that make Scottsdale a model community.



Betty Janik