Cruel Irony

Have there been many lower points in Scottsdale’s history than when public safety leadership let rioters sack its citadel – aka Scottsdale Fashion Square – earlier this year?

Botched is a kind word for the decision-making and approach, especially after the consequences to Old Town’s many small businesses, particularly its Arts District.

So we are probably not the only ones a little surprised that the city is being reimbursed a healthy sum of money for being operational nincompoops.

Check out this story and insight by Scottsdale Republic City Hall reporter Lorraine Longhi:

Look, we are all in for help for Scottsdale during these brutal economic times but this is a little like the Boston Red Sox giving Bill Buckner a giant contract after his infamous World Series miscue cost the team the title.

Meanwhile, where’s the help for Scottsdale small businesses that were harmed by the professional malfeasance?

Government gets bigger and gets rewarded while small businesses get screwed, again.