Community Spotlight: Wellness Coach, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur Defied The Odds To Help Others

By Scottsdale Pinetop and Robin Roadrunner —

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, building a strong immune system through proper nutrients, physical activity and overall wellness can often be overlooked.

But one local entrepreneur and wellness coach believes it is more important than ever before. And she is sharing her personal journey to help others.

A mom, entrepreneur, cancer survivor and now wellness coach – Franchesca Lynch has defied the odds in more ways than one. In 2012, Franchesca was diagnosed with stage IV thyroid cancer while eight months pregnant with her daughter. While doctors told her to prepare for the worst, she refused to accept the diagnosis and started researching solutions to restore her body. Within six months, she had beaten cancer with proper food, herbs, and nutrition.

“My journey to heal myself and others started then, and we have been striving to help others achieve wellness,” said Franchesca, now Founder and CEO of Fran’s Kitchen. “I met Ashley Grimmel, who has a master’s in nutrition, with a beautiful heart and desire to help others. She and I quickly formed a friendship fueled by our passion to help others. Together we have been helping save lives through various programs.”

Using her experience and new knowledge about wellness and nutrition, Franchesca started her own company in 2015 with the purpose of creating food that is not only delicious but healing. Fran’s Kitchen is based in Tempe and is Arizona’s first custom organic meal delivery and online meal planning service that focuses on medical diets.

“The mission of Fran’s Kitchen is to help clients live long, vibrant, healthy lives through proper nutrition,” Franchesca said.

Over the past five years, Franchesca has been able to help thousands of customers. Her clientele includes athletes, weight-loss, autoimmune and cancer patients as well as people seeking to improve their overall wellness. Fran’s Kitchen is the only Organic Meal Delivery that specialized in Medial Diets, Athletic Protocols, Ketogenic and Autoimmune Diets.

To help expand her company, Franchesca has recently partnered with Biostrap to offer a unique approach to nutrition by allowing her clients to measure their bodies functions and health. Biostrap is an advanced wearable activity and sleep tracker. “By understanding biometrics and the impact of diet on their health and sleep, clients can make immediate changes,” said Franchesca.

“We understand how the body works, how it absorbs nutrients and what combinations of foods can yield the best results. That’s what differentiates us from other services programs and why we’ve been successful.”

But like many businesses across the state, Fran’s Kitchen has also been impacted by the recent pandemic and has been offering her services to help patients combat COVID-19.

“We are the only company with immune protocols that help client’s immune system performance increase more than 30 percent in a matter of days,” said Franchesca. “We encourage all clients to seek out our immunity plans.”

Her main advice to clients is “Start Today. Health is Wealth.”

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