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Community Leaders Support the Desert EDGE

by Desert EDGE Advocates

The Honorable Paul Messinger
The Seven Wonders of this Great Community
The accomplishments that separate Scottsdale from other Valley cities:
1. Modifying the Indian Bend Wash into a very successful flood control project and great open space and parks project
2. Scottsdale putting its electric utilities underground and requiring fire sprinkler systems in all buildings built shortly after its beginning
3. Our master planning of our community parks, open space and elimination of all billboards
4. WestWorld, with its major world-class and diverse events
5. Scottsdale’s performing arts center, contemporary art museum and Civic Center Mall
6. Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West – a world destination from the start
7. And our biggest City project, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and “desert discovery center” (now known as The Desert EDGE). . .coming soon!
Every project took years to do, as well as great amounts of our community treasure and effort. The McDowell Sonoran Preserve was already voted on by Scottsdale’s citizenry in the early 1990s – just lacking the construction of its desert discovery center – The Desert EDGE.

Ninety percent of the citizens who voted for the Preserve nearly 25 years ago – and who have been paying for it ever since – cannot access it. Only our City’s youth and those who are physically strong – those who hike, ride mountain bikes or who are able to ride the trails on horseback, are able to actually use the Preserve.

The Desert EDGE will serve the majority of Scottsdale’s population socially and educationally, as well as to tell our visitors about our type of desert. Many local families, as well, know very little about this country, which we call “home.”

Paul & Cora Messinger

Lois Drinkwater Thompson

Move Forward with The Desert EDGE
I would ask the mayor and city council proceed with the Desert EDGE project and not refer it for a public vote. My brother, Herb Drinkwater, would never have spent $500,000 on a vote when the project had already been approved. A small group of loud naysayers have tried to derail this project.

They have attacked any supporters including me when I tried to correct their facts. And, they don’t give the facts. They still have posted old information from a project from eight years ago. If these angry people want a vote, they can get public signatures for a referendum. That is how our system works.

Not trying to loudly force the Council into putting it on the ballot for them. The council needs to realize that we are a “silent majority” and want this benefit for the city of Scottsdale.

I know the Desert EDGE can be approved by the council and I would urge them to do so. It would be an incredible world class amenity for the city and would bring global attention to Scottsdale’s long-standing reputation for leadership in environmental sensitivity, sustainability and preservation. Desert EDGE is critical to the success of education in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. And, I say that as a former teacher and coach for over 34 years in the public school district.

Our immediate family has over 100 years of public education in Scottsdale and this would be a value to our school kids and teachers. A public vote is not required and a huge waste of my tax dollars.

  • Emily Austin

    I suppose I am one of those loud naysayers that also loves Scottsdale and have always been respectful even though I don’t agree with many aspects of this project including the location, cost, size and many other issues. I beg to differ as to the lack of information and concerns that you claim opponents have not eloquently stated such as Kathy Littlefield, Guy Phillips, Jason Alexander and Howard Myers just to name a few.. As a matter of fact, Larry Kush on the Planning Commission asked me why I was spreading “fake news” because we have a differing opinion of the word “improvements” in the verbiage of the Charter. Forty five proponents of the Edge signed and published an editorial in the “Independent” including two council members calling opponents of the DDC bullies, liars, economic terrorists and even accused some of calling them Nazis. I have requested proof. It is indeed very sad that opponents like myself think this project may be a big loser. I have a problem with the projections of 300,000 annual visitor projections, 60 evening events with music and alcohol to help finance this, just to name a couple. I love the idea and the virtual reality exhibits which can be anywhere like Westworld! They are making improvements and adding parking lots making it an excellent location without jeopardizing the Preserve. So, it’s only fair to point out that the ugliness and nasty attacks against the opposition to this project is disturbing and unwarranted. I think this project will be a much greater burden to Scottsdale taxpayers than the money for an up or down vote on the ballot.

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