Guest Editorial: It Used To Be A Freaking Bus Station

By Scottsdale Watchman You may have heard of a landmark development for the southern edge of downtown Scottsdale called Museum Square. It would replace the old Loloma Transit Station, currently an abandoned concrete jungle with tumbleweeds rolling through it. Museum Square would include a new hotel, a well-designed residential component and a large new community square for public events. It’s … Read More

Guest Editorial: The SCOTT Perspective

The Lastest Newsletter from The Scottsdale Coalitions of Today and Tomorrow A solid lineup for Scottsdale In the coming days we’ll start hearing the phrase “pitchers and catchers reporting,” the alert that tells us spring training baseball is about to begin. It’s a phrase reminiscent of “drivers, start your engines,” which opens the Indy 500 race every year and unleashes … Read More

Guest Editorial: There You Go Again…

By Scottsdale Watchman The 1980 United States presidential election can be summed up in one word: drubbing. Republican California Governor Ronald Reagan trounced the incumbent, Jimmy Carter as Reagan garnered 489 electoral college votes, while President Carter only received 49 such votes. Another reason why the 1980 election is memorable is because it spawned one of the greatest political one-liners … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Real Buffoon Is Right In Downtown Scottsdale

By the Happy Wanderer Watching the news, you might not believe that we’re still nearly two years away from the 2020 election. Every day though, the pool of Democratic candidates seeking their party’s nomination for President of the United States gets deeper. Senators Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand are just a few of those who have … Read More

Guest Editorial: This Is Personal

By Scottsdale Watchman Imagine going for a jog on a beautiful Arizona spring day. Ten minutes in, you’re forced to stop. You start panting heavily as you double over. A sense of déjà vu grips you and you get a strange taste in your mouth. A feeling of anxiousness rises in your stomach as if you’re riding a roller coaster. … Read More

Guest Editorial: A Very Special Guest

By Scottsdale Pinetop The State of the Union Address is a famous tradition dating back to the first president that is both superfluous and surreal. Last night, President Donald Trump sought to strike a bipartisan tone of unity just weeks after the longest shutdown in US history. However, there is another special tradition that represents the very best of America. … Read More

The Karolzak Chronicles: Volume III

We have written before the notion outré of long-time lobbyist John Karolzak potentially running for Mayor of Scottsdale in 2020.  The only thing stranger would be Tyrion Lannister trying to play center for the Phoenix Suns.  You can see our previous writings.  Click here to read. And here.   Since we haven’t written of Karolzak in a while but with the … Read More

Guest Editorial: A Landmark Project That Makes Dollars AND Sense

By Scottsdale Watchman You may have noticed that 2018 was one of the most contentious years in Scottsdale’s history. Residents bickered with one another over whether development should take place in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. They argued about bicycles and scooters in Old Town. Residents even quarreled over which restaurant was Scottsdale’s most elegant for a first date (Dominick’s Steakhouse … Read More

Tour De Force

By State Representative Shawnna Bolick The following guest editorial appeared in the Arizona Republic: Kids who have been bullied deserve school choice. I know. My daughter was one of them This newspaper and columnist Laurie Roberts have criticized me for introducing a school choice bill. Their complaints miss the mark. In the 1990s, I worked in a New York City public high school … Read More

Guest Editorial: Standing Tall For Civil Rights

My commitment to protect the civil rights of our citizens has never been stronger. I am shifting my efforts to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community from the local level to the state level after our City Council failed to pass a non-discrimination ordinance for Scottsdale two years ago. Last year, however, the mayor and five of my fellow … Read More