Virginia Korte: Masks, Just Wear It

By Virginia Korte —

Mayor Lane issued an emergency proclamation that “requires people to cover their nose and mouth in most public areas with some exceptions…:”  To learn more about Scottsdale’s mandate to wear masks go to: This proclamation expires on July 20, 2020.

When we come together as a community, we agree to abide by a social contract that at its foundation promises that we will do no harm. Today, many of these social contracts are codified in law.

We can’t drive 90 miles an hour down Scottsdale Road. We can’t shoot off fireworks in our neighborhoods or in the Preserve. We can’t let our dogs run free in our neighborhoods and on streets without a leash. All of these prohibitions are ways that we keep each other safe.

So, if wearing masks keeps us safe, then we owe it to each other.

There are strong differences of opinion about wearing masks. When we have differences of opinion, strong leaders recognize that there is no way to satisfy everyone and find the courage to make decisions they believe is in the best interests of everyone.

In this case, rather than questioning who is right, I think we should consider the risk of being wrong.

If folks are right that wearing masks shouldn’t be mandated and we require masks then the worst case scenario is that we are all uncomfortable and inconvenienced.

If other folks are right that wearing masks keep us safer and we don’t require masks then we risk rising rates of infection, hospitalizations and deaths.

Requiring masks is the lowest risk option with the greatest potential benefit. For those who disagree, please know that I am making the decision that I believe serves the greatest good and helps to safeguard the health and safety of us all. Donning a mask, or not? Just wear it!  Leadership matters.


Virginia L. Korte

Virginia Korte serves on the Scottsdale City Council and is a candidate for Scottsdale Mayor.