Rise Of The Guardians 2

Anyone with children likely knows the movie “Rise Of The Guardians.” It’s the tale of our holiday heroes (Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc.) banding together to defeat darkness threatening happiness in the world.

Awhile back we wrote a piece entitled after the movie mentioned above, discussing the role activists have played over the past many years to shape Scottsdale.  It got quite a reaction.

Each of the activists mentioned, and others who weren’t, have their own definition of happiness in Scottsdale and proffer prolifically for it.

Yet, as long-time observers of the Scottsdale scene we are seeing a noticeable shift in the dialogue.  For years whether it was via letters to local newspapers or more lately on social media those who thought/think Scottsdale is going to hell in a hand basket tended to dominate the discussion.

Not anymore.

And it’s most noticeable in Bob Littlefield’s fledgling campaign for Mayor.  No matter how outlandish or transparently political his public or online statements were, he could count on the crazy caucus to back him up.

But as Bob Dylan might sing to the situation: “Times They Are-a-Changin.”  So far in this cycle Littlefield routinely gets pummeled online by a rise in activism that thinks Scottsdale is a pretty damn good place, and that won’t stand for demagoguery or duplicity.

Simply put, they are kicking Bob Littlefield’s ass. And that’s going to matter as campaigning and associated fundraising gets upended by Coronavirus circumstances.  This dynamic also applies to weird lobbyist David Ortega but save for a relative or two no one really cares what he has to say, at least according to recent public opinion polling.

Activism properly led to the defeat of the Desert Discovery Center but also to the founding of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  Now, it’s noteworthy to see that Scottsdale’s great, silent majority isn’t being so silent anymore and common sense seems to be eclipsing crazy in the daily social media battles.