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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton: Why I Support Prop 123

There is nothing more important to our economy than building an education system that prepares every child for success.  That’s why I support Proposition 123 – an important next step to strengthening our schools.

Watch this video to learn more about what Proposition 123 will do to strengthen our schools and invest in our children’s education:

You can follow the campaign @YesProp123 or

When it comes to education, let’s put partisan politics aside and do what’s right by our kids.  Let’s lift our economy and strengthen our schools by voting yes on Proposition 123.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Stanton

  • Roger Sobelinski

    Greg – The problem with PROP 123 is that it does NOT guaranty that the majority of the $$$ go to the class room. That is why its really difficult for me to justify voting for it.
    Until the proposal has specific definitions or where the money goes, Its a NO vote for me and many other people in the state of Arizona !

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