Scottsdale 2016 Election Winners & Losers

Winner:  Jim Lane.    The incumbent ran the best candidate campaign since Robert Pettycrew’s shoe-string council victory in 1994, one of Drinkwater’s waltzes, or perhaps ever.  He raised big money, the most in Scottsdale history.   That’s what good campaigns do.   He spent it wisely.  Lane messaged smartly and took it to Bob Littlefield, a name who had never lost a municipal … Read More

Odds & Ends To The Week

*He endorsed Trump, but he will likely be responsible for his demise.  He is Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, an impressive congressional nominee who is getting precious little help from national Republicans due to the GOP having to defend more seats than they had hoped this year.  Prediction:  If Babeu loses his congressional race look for him to move to … Read More

The Unbearable Lightness Of Littlefield

The Unbearable Lightness of Being was a 1984 work about two men and two women. It’s an appropriate reference to the tale of Scottsdale 2016 and the unbearable idea of two Littlefields serving on the City Council at the same time. Mayoral candidate Bob Littlefield also likes to be on two sides of every issue. He was for the Desert … Read More

That Was Quick

Why is Bob Littlefield’s quixotic campaign for Scottsdale Mayor stuck in the mud?  A lot of reasons. He’s anti-business, even supported by a union that used scorched earth tactics to shut down Arizona’s home grown grocer, Basha’s.    He’s been on both sides of just about every issue in town from development to subsidies to the Desert Discovery Center.  He’s the … Read More

Did Bob Littlefield Threaten Scottsdale’s Top Catholic School?

If running for Mayor of Scottsdale at the same time your wife is Vice Mayor isn’t odd and craven enough for Bob Littlefield, we may have another example. And, if circumstances are true, it’s disconcerting at best and disqualifying at worst. According to various social media including that posted by the Catholic Sun, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane was apparently invited … Read More

Scottsdale Year-End Report

By Councilman David Smith Dear Friends… Scottsdale’s fiscal year ended June 30, so it seems timely to share a report on some Council decisions over the past few months that will affect you and your city’s livability. Your Council adopted a Balanced Budget for next year…that’s good! Unfortunately, the Budget isn’t sustainable and hasn’t been for several years. That’s because … Read More

Scottsdale’s Lyin’ Ted Cruz

We didn’t start this opinions courtyard years ago to belabor Bob Littlefield, a former Scottsdale City Councilman and failed Republican candidate for the Arizona State Legislature. But his fodder has just become so rich, or rather so mendacious. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. He was for the Desert Discovery Center before he was against it. He voted for the tallest … Read More

Littlefield’s Low-Road Longing For Entitlement

After losing the Republican nomination for the Arizona House of Representatives in 2014 Bob Littlefield found himself without a political title for the first time since 2002. He couldn’t stand it.  So he’s running for Scottsdale Mayor against a former friend and ally. He’s running despite his wife also serving on the Scottsdale City Council at the same time. And … Read More

The Sagacious Lane For Scottsdale

What a week for Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.  If there was ever a time he proved his mettle and wisdom on key issues, and why voters should keep him at the helm of Arizona’s best city, this was it. *He voted for new, for-sale housing on McDowell Road, continuing the momentum for the corridor and next “it” area in the … Read More

Is Scottsdale Out Of Big, Bold Ideas?

Arizona State University is coming to downtown Mesa, after it already helped revitalize downtown Phoenix. A big new regional park is coming to Gilbert, following the resurgence of its downtown. The expansion and enhancement of Margaret Hance Park in Phoenix is impressive. It begs the question does Scottsdale still need big ideas of its own to move the community forward?  … Read More