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2018 Scrum

T.U.S.K. Takes To Airwaves Opposing Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate Doug Little; Lover of Tax Hikes, Lapdog For APS

(PHOENIX) He was one of the very few echoing Arizona Public Service’s call to tax Arizona’s rooftop solar energy choice out of existence last November before the Arizona Corporation Commission. Now, he’s even supporting a new property tax on leased rooftop solar equipment supported by only 5% of Republican primary voters. The new tax would hurt existing and future users such as seniors, schools and churches. And now he – the unqualified, Republican tax hiking Doug Little – wants to join the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Being supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars from the APS utility he would be charged with regulating, there can be little doubt that when the monopoly says jump, Little will do so. When they ask him to fetch new rate hikes before the commission, he will query how far they want him to run, and raise? When they quietly try to recapture the millions they have spent on political activity over the past 18 months? No problem.

“While a very serious matter, sometimes a little humor can be just what is needed to convey a very important message that should concern every Arizona Republican,” Barry Goldwater, Jr. said. He is the Chairman of T.U.S.K. the group behind the television advertisement. The organization formed in early 2013 in response to APS proposals to place massive new taxes on rooftop solar in Arizona.

TUSK’s television advertisements started airing Sunday. Here is a link. As it noted at its formation, the group is backed by contributions from rooftop solar companies with smaller amounts from Arizonans that have contributed to the cause.

Only after being scolded by Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns last year did APS reveal how much ratepayer money it had spent to kill solar in Arizona. It amounted to at least several million dollars. APS has continued the practice in 2014 utilizing numerous dark money organization to hide its contributions in order to benefit its hand picked candidates, Tom Forese and Doug Little.

“Republicans don’t need or deserve a liberal lapdog and tax-hiking disciple of the monopoly that seeks to hurt the thousands of seniors, schools, churches and others that have made solar an important energy choice,” Goldwater, Jr. said.

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Paradise Valley's Leaders Agree: Vote Jerald Bien-Willner for Paradise Valley Town Council

Dear fellow Paradise Valley Resident:
It's no secret that Paradise Valley is an exceptional place to live. And it's due to the fact that we have a rich tradition of talented volunteer leadership on our Town Council and Town boards — individuals who have worked diligently to improve our quality of life.
I'm proud to have the endorsement of several of those individuals who have made such a difference in our community, including:
• Mayor Scott LeMarr
• Councilman Paul Dembow
• Councilman David Sherf
• Councilwoman Lisa Trueblood
• Former Councilman Dan Schweiker
And all of my colleagues on the Planning Commission:
• Planning Commission Chairman Rick Mahrle
• Planning Commissioner Tom Campbell
• Planning Commissioner Pat Hurley
• Planning Commissioner Dolf Strom
• Planning Commissioner Jon Wainwright
• Planning Commissioner Jeff Wincel

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I am proud to announce the support of former Arizona Governor Jane Hull. Here's what she had to say:
"As a former Arizona governor, I know what it takes to lead this great state. Doug Ducey’s experience in the private sector, his leadership in defeating Prop 204 and his love for this state shows me that he, too, has what it takes to be this state’s next governor. Join me and help elect Doug Ducey as Arizona’s next governor."

Governor Hull's endorsement is especially important to me because she has been a trailblazer for this state. I would be honored to follow in her footsteps.

The Phoenix Business Journal wrote an article today about the former governor's endorsement which you can view by clicking, here.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Tempe - Today Lt Col Wendy Rogers (ret), Republican candidate for Congress (AZ-9) reported her campaign raised $138,367.90 during the 2nd quarter on her financial report. This helped increase her total cash on hand to $387,346.69.

“We have picked up astounding momentum. Everywhere I travel, volunteers clamor to get onboard. More and more supporters drop into campaign headquarters on a daily basis to get involved, because they not only want to be a part of something special, but also a refreshingly well organized campaign.” says Rogers. “Our campaign indeed is remarkable. Over 1,300 people have donated to us. We cherish that. I honor every donation we've received,” Rogers continued.

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Jim Holway, candidate for Arizona’s Corporation Commission, delivered a letter to the ve
Commissioners today asking them to immediately order regulated utilities to report all
contributions seeking to inuence Corporation Commission elections.

“We cannot allow secret funding by utilities to threaten the independence and integrity of our
elected public utility commission,” Holway said.

Holway is also asking Arizona residents to join him by signing a companion petition at "Commissioners have the authority and obligation to protect the
integrity of the Commission and to serve the people of Arizona by exposing any dark money
funding from regulated utilities."

To read Jim's letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission, click here.
To view Jim’s video on the need to end secret funding, click here.

Until recently, there has been a long and sensible tradition that APS and our other regulated
monopolies stay out of Commission races. Without a disclosure rule, the Commission will be
assisting a utility to keep its Commission candidate funding anonymous.

“Rate payers and voters rely on an independent Commission. They want to know how much
involvement a utility has in trying to inuence the election of regulators. The disclosure rule, which the Commission can and should adopt, will help them nd out," Holway added.

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