Scottsdale’s San Andreas

Once upon a time Scottsdale power brokers used to sit around a place called Mag’s Ham Bun and largely decide who was going to rule the city’s roost. How times have changed. Last night a grassroots movement spawned with laptops and shoe leather reinvented Scottsdale’s political landscape.  It was an earthquake. Proposition 420, a determined drumbeat of citizens to defeat … Read More

In Defense Of Virginia Korte

It might seem odd for us to opine about the leader of opposition to a Scottsdale measure we enthusiastically support.  But not all opponents are or should be considered untoward, especially if their heritage outflanks most everyone involved in the debate. We speak of Proposition 420, as we have many times.  It deserves support for all the reasons we, and  … Read More

What Happens If Scottsdale’s Proposition 420 Fails?

While Scottsdale’s Proposition 420 is heavily favored to prevail at the polls in November despite a notably dishonest campaign by opponents, it’s fair to ask what happens if it fails? A reminder that Proposition 420 is the noble initiative brought forth by some 37,000 citizens to require public votes on projects like the Desert Discovery Center (DDC) that seek to … Read More

From Yes on 420: A Deep Dive into Our Charter Change and Its Effects

Why are we asking for a small Charter change? Why alter the City’s “Constitution”? Are there unintended consequences? Does it handcuff the City Council? A group of experts, including former Preserve Commissioners and a panel of attorneys, gave these questions serious thought and vigorous debate for several weeks in November 2017. There was extensive research and dialog behind our ballot … Read More

Johnny Bench

Without a good catcher in baseball too many wild pitches can find their way to the backstop, helping the other team win and wreaking havoc on your own. That’s a lot like the job of a City Manager, including Jim Thompson’s in Scottsdale. Thank goodness the city had its own version of Johnny Bench for a recent, near fiasco. Scottsdale … Read More

Leap. No Faith.

Near the end of The Last Crusade,  Indiana Jones stood on the side of an abyss, not knowing how he was going to get to the other side.  He necessarily relied on the higher power above and Jones’ leap of faith was rewarded. The other side, the “No” side, in Scottsdale’s Proposition 420 debate, that being the one to rightfully … Read More

Guest Editorial: Mickey Mouse

By Scottsdale Pinetop Dubbed “the happiest place on earth,” Disneyland used to be a place for nearly everyone to enjoy. But today, with skyrocketing ticket prices, the long promoted place “made for you and me,” seems increasingly made for someone else. If we aren’t careful, McDowell Sonoran Preserve could become a desert Disneyland. Adding to their long list of half-truths, … Read More

Guest Editorial: How Dumb Are They?

By Scottsdale Jersey Boy So we know desperation is setting in with Desert Discovery Center sycophants in Scottsdale.  After all, they have renamed their project (Desert Edge), tapped the worst city manager in Scottsdale history to lead their new efforts and have deceitfully labeled their opposition campaign to Proposition 420 “Protect Your Preserve.”  Mind you, supporters of Proposition 420, the … Read More

A J.D. In BS

So a political action committee has formed to oppose the right of Scottsdale citizens to vote on new development in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve known as Proposition 420.  It will appear on Scottsdale’s November ballot.  Quite unbelievably, or fortuitously, it is being led by the worst city manager in the city’s history and a former zoning attorney.  We’re not making … Read More