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2018 Scrum

Hugh Hallman is building momentum in the polls and with Republican supporters across Arizona!

While one of Hugh's opponents today is citing a poll that's almost a month old, The Arizona Republic today reported on a poll taken in the past week that shows Hugh Hallman with a clear lead in the State Treasurer's race. hallman pic

And conservative leaders such as former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., Congressman Matt Salmon, Congressman John Shadegg, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan and others are continuing to lend their support to the campaign. You can see our full list of endorsers — from across the state of Arizona — on our web site at

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From Tom Horne
I am the only statewide candidate endorsed by the NRA. It's also highly unusual for them to endorse any AG candidate in a primary. They know that it is imperative that we keep the Arizona Attorney General Republican and they also know that I have been a fierce advocate of protecting gun rights and preserving the Second Amendment during my administration.ATTORNEY GENERAL

Since becoming Attorney General, I’ve signed on to three Amicus briefs in support of the Second Amendment, issued an opinion finding that the city of Tucson would violate state law if they destroyed guns acquired during a “gun buy back,” and I have pushed for new state legislation that would allow school officials to have access to firearms in education institutions so that we can better protect our children from those that would seek to do them harm.

I’m honored that the NRA has given me their endorsement. It’s also exciting that I am the only statewide candidate in Arizona that the NRA has chosen to support for the Primary Election.

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2 multimillion-dollar foreclosures, 2 settled class action lawsuits, $78,000 in unpaid tax liens

PHOENIX (August 4) – Former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith wants to make business records an issue in the Arizona governor’s race, but refuses to address questions about his business background. Today, The S Files looks into his record as a homebuilder, including two multimillion-dollar foreclosures and two settled class action lawsuits.

“Scott Smith and his campaign keep underscoring that he ‘pays his debts’ and ‘keeps his promises,’ but, with two multimillion-dollar foreclosures, two settled class action lawsuits and $78,000 in outstanding tax liens, his record shows that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Melissa DeLaney, spokesperson for the Ducey campaign. “If his plan to “Build a Better Arizona” is anything like his background as a homebuilder, it’s bound to be equally as defective. Arizona voters deserve better.”

In January 2010, a $4.2 million note was called by a bank with regards to the development of a property by Solcito Lane Investors LLC. Scott Smith is co-owner of Solcito Lane Investors and he personally guaranteed the loan. The property sold at auction in April 2010 for $3.5 million – resulting in a $700,000 loss to the lender.

In May 2009, a $5.54 million note was called by a bank with regards to the development of properties by GW Investors I, LLC. Scott Smith again personally guaranteed the loan. The property sold at auction for $2.5 million, resulting in a $3 million loss to the lender.

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Senator Reagan continues rolling out endorsements from all over Arizona, today announcing Phoenix Vice Mayor Jim Waring’s support. Vice Mayor Waring and Senator Reagan met many years ago and became close friends rising through the Republican Party together.Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-10_34_40-AM2-78220_641x340

“I have been a friend and colleague of Michele's for many years. From young republicans to the state legislature, we worked to make Arizona and the Republican Party stronger. I know Michele will make a great Secretary of State and will bring greater transparency to our electoral process.”

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Her name was Clarice Koebbe. She was born in 1919, the second oldest daughter in a large German Catholic family from Hardin, Montana. Her family farmed wheat and other grains. In 1940, she married my dad, Anselmo “Sam” Rotellini. Dad called her “Chops,” short for “Lamb Chops” – most definitely a term of endearment.

My mother raised five kids – four girls and a baby boy – while managing our family business, a State Farm Insurance Agency, out of our home on Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming. I am the fourth girl. Like my siblings, I worked in the office and observed my mother’s business acumen. While my dad was the very successful salesman out in the community, my mom was the brains behind the operation. She hired and fired employees, calculated payroll taxes by hand, and organized the office.

My mom also handled the hard stuff. If a customer needed a construction bond or some kind of unique insurance policy, I watched my mom pull the manuals off the shelf and figure out how to calculate the premium and explain the coverage. Her business day rarely ended at 5 o’clock. Even so, once work was over, my mother went upstairs and cooked dinner. This was the 1960s, a time when few women owned and operated a business. From watching my mom, I knew that women were smart and could run a business. She was my role model. seniors-69

You can imagine how painful it was to watch this intelligent, vibrant woman and community volunteer slowly develop Alzheimer's disease. One day, she just stopped going “into the office.” All too soon, she couldn’t remember who I was. It was gut wrenching. When my dad retired after 50 years in the insurance business, my mom slipped away quickly. Thank God he was there to take care of her for the next couple years, until she died of pneumonia – a common complication.

I have experienced firsthand the challenges many Arizona residents face as they and their parents age and encounter health, social and economic complications. I’ve seen how criminals exploit seniors when they are most vulnerable. As Arizona’s Attorney General, the care and protection of seniors will be a top priority for me. We will aggressively prosecute financial fraud, exploitation and abuse. We will have a robust community outreach program where we bring the Attorney General’s Office to our retirement communities to help with all aspects of senior living, from avoiding fraudsters to handling end-of-life issues. We will maintain the many satellite offices around the state manned by our volunteer “senior sleuths” and “fraud fighters.”

When I am Arizona’s Attorney General, I will send a clear message to the many scam artists who prey on our elderly and most vulnerable:
“Not on my watch! Not for a minute!”

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Hugh Hallman is endorsed by conservative leaders across Arizona because he's the responsible choice with the right credentials for the State Treasurer's Office.hallman pic

Here's what two Arizona conservative leaders — former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. and former State Treasurer Dean Martin — have to say about why they support Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer.

“Hugh Hallman is an honest man who will represent the people’s interest. Hugh is an active citizen who has been a tireless leader in shaping our state’s economy, improving our education system, and being involved in the political process. He shares the Goldwater commitment for financial stability and fiscal responsibility, finding solutions to our greatest fiscal problems and advocating on behalf of the people of Arizona.”
— Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.

“I know first-hand the skill set it takes to perform the duties of a Treasurer: honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and fiscal responsibility. There is only one person this election I would trust to manage the billions of dollars in the Treasurer’s office: Hugh Hallman. As an economist and as a Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman has demonstrated these traits. If you share my belief in honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility, then join me in voting for Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer.”
— Former State Treasurer Dean Martin

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