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2018 Scrum

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio certainly contradicts the notion in this headline.  And he has been an exceptionally important voice railing against many excesses in Phoenix city government.  But ultimately is a city best off with five, seven or nine Sal's?

Pardon the detour.

It would seem a consistent conservative message would go something like this.  The federal government is furthest away from the individual, the neighborhood, the need and therefore should spend the least.  And defer to the state.  The state then likewise should defer to counties, cities and towns as those governments are the ones closest to the people.  And it is there people want money spent.  On roads.  On the arts.  On kids programs.  On parks.  On police and fire. 

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A beautiful evening on the patio at Camelback Back Inn’s restaurant called Rita’s. The views at Sanctuary. The charm of The Hermosa Inn. The social conscience of the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. The increasing charm of Montelucia.

When one thinks of and experiences Paradise Valley’s grand resorts The Cottonwoods’ hotel property along Scottsdale Road doesn’t come to mind. Most don’t even know it’s in Paradise Valley. And based on its blandness, it shouldn’t be.

Yet, its owners are now seeking significant new densities. But for what, besides themselves?

The recent approvals for Mountain Shadows were necessary to ensure the open space of a golf course, a quality new neighbor for adjacent neighbors who have experienced Beirut for far too long, and to remove legal vulnerabilities

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The Arizona Republic recently announced it was abandoning local editorials and opinion pages. What a shame.

In years past the Republic, Phoenix Gazette and Scottsdale Progress joined the likes of the Glendale Star, West Valley View and many others to provide robust commentary on matters of local import.

The Arizona Progress & Gazette has been launched with names from the past to lead in the future. With energetic commentary and great debate.

A healthy Arizona Republic is a community imperative, no matter its opinion. From investigative journalism to a forum for ferocious disagreement it is an undeniable public benefit.

Yet, its leftward editorial tilt in recent years combined with its abandonment of community opinion provides an opportunity. From the center-right.

You will see our commentaries featured

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In 2014 three seats on the Scottsdale City Council will be up for grabs, those of incumbents Dennis Robbins and Linda Milhaven and that of the loquacious voice of yesteryear, Bob Littlefield.

Littlefield is term-limited, and considering a run for the Arizona State Legislature.

We can dispense with the need for interviews and candidate debates when it comes to endorsements for two of these seats. Now. About a year before these elections take place.


Because Dennis Robbins and Linda Milhaven are Scottsdale.

Robbins is a small businessman, family man and lawyer. He was a good addition to help lead the city out of recession three years ago and he will be the right person to help Scottsdale advantage its recovery.

Robbins’ experience is also invaluable. He

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TEMPE, AZ – U.S. Congressional candidate Andrew Walter today announced the endorsement of Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith. Susan has served her community as a Scottsdale City Council member and Vice Mayor, is a past president of the ASU Alumni Association, and ran for Congress in Arizona's Fifth District.andrew walter

Susan Bitter Smith has a great deal of experience in the private sector and serving as an elected official. Regarding Andrew's campaign for Congress, she said:

"Just as he led ASU Sun Devil Football teams, Andrew Walter is ready to lead on important issues to Arizonans. His business experience in the private sector makes him uniquely qualified to advocate for less government regulation into private business as well as to be a champion for tax reform. I am proud to endorse Andrew Walter in the Republican primary for Arizona's 9th Congressional district."

Andrew Walter stated “I am grateful for Susan Bitter Smith's endorsement and it's an honor to have her support. She has an exceptional record as a leader in both the public and private sector. Her level of involvement in the community and our state is unrivaled and I sincerely respect her commitment to hard working Arizonans.”

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By Doug Ducey

Today, I am proud and honored to announce the endorsement of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

Governor Martinez has been an outspoken advocate of border security and has taken measures regarding illegal immigration to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of New Mexico.
Governor Martinez said of my campaign:
"As a border governor and a former prosecutor on the border, I know firsthand the challenges caused by illegal immigration and the impact of misguided policies. I know Doug Ducey is a strong leader who will get results for Arizonans. Doug will be a strong ally to fellow border governors who know that Washington, D.C. has failed us and our citizens on the issue of border security. And he’ll be a conservative the people of Arizona can count on. That is why I am very proud to support Doug Ducey for governor of Arizona."

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Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich received the endorsement of Arizona State Senate Majority Whip Adam Driggs. Senator Driggs remarked:

“As a State Senator, I see on a daily basis the need for a strong Arizona Attorney General that stands for Arizona values. I served together with Mark Brnovich as a felony prosecutor in Arizona and I know he is a man of integrity who stands up for the rule of law. Mark is a proven conservative and skilled prosecutor. I proudly support Mark Brnovich for Arizona Attorney General.”

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Adding to an impressive list of endorsements, Jeff Schwartz  announced that former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, a strong conservative leader, has endorsed his candidacy.

"Arizona needs a generation of new conservative leaders and they will find one in Jeff Schwartz. A proven successful businessman with a history of volunteer service to his community, Jeff will bring a fresh perspective to the Senate and reject the failed policies brought to us by a professional politician," stated Shadegg.

In response to the endorsement Schwartz expressed his appreciation and noted, "Having the endorsement of John Shadegg, an undisputed champion of the conservatives, is an honor. Congressman Shadegg recognizes that for Arizona to thrive, we need sound policies to grow existing businesses and attract new businesses and first class educational opportunities for the children of the employers and employees who will broaden and build our tax base."

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Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich received the endorsement of current Arizona Corporation Commissioner and former Arizona Senate President Brenda Burns. Commissioner Burns remarked: brenda burns

“During my 16 years in the Arizona State Legislature, I often fought the overreach of the federal government. As an elected member of the Corporation Commission, I have seen how federal government policies have raised rates for water and electricity in Arizona. We need an Attorney General that will protect our state's rights. Mark Brnovich will stand up to the burdensome EPA. He did a great job as Director of the Center for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute, an organization that I consider to be a valuable voice in Arizona.”

Burns continued:

“Mark's experience as an Army JAG, Maricopa County prosecutor and Assistant United States Attorney make him eminently qualified to be Arizona's Attorney General. I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy."

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I’m excited to announce, thanks to your continued support, we were able to launch our first television commercial of the campaign. It couldn’t come at a better time as we head into the final stretches of the race.

Click here to see the video

As you know, I am the one candidate with the experience necessary to lead the Secretary of State’s office. There are two main responsibilities the Secretary of State has – overseeing elections and business filings. I have fought against special interests and voter fraud, championed free and fair elections, and making sure only citizens are allowed to vote. Plus, I am a former small business owner who knows how to reduce the regulatory burden mom and pop shops encounter.

A special thank you to Governor Jan Brewer for agreeing to appear in the commercial and helping Team Reagan across the finish line.

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