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Odds & Ends To The Week

*According to The Phoenix Business Journal U.S. Senator John McCain is working on a plan with Valley leaders to extend the Salt River’s “Rio Salado” experience and environment from Tempe to the West Valley.  If true and if successful it sure would be a lasting legacy to Arizona, and the man.

*Uncertainty reigns in the lead-up to Scottsdale City Council elections.  While incumbent Linda Milhaven looks like a sure thing to run again, undecided and close to the vest mark the current decision making status of incumbents Kathy Littlefield and David Smith as well as potential challengers Jason Alexander and Bill Crawford.

*Lancing a boil.  One of Paradise Valley’s most vexing development parcels, the “Town Triangle” located just off Scottsdale Road got the green light this week from the Planning Commission, a testament to creative planning by renowned local developers Geoffrey Edmunds and Rod Cullum.

*That Daniel Valenzuela, a humble firefighter, has evolved into the frontrunner in the Phoenix Mayor’s race is remarkable.

*It’s one thing to support Scottsdale’s Desert Discovery Center but it’s quite another to oppose a public vote on it, something about 90% of the electorate relays to pollsters they want.

*Marco Rubio is back in town on Monday, supporting a number of candidates including Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.  A long shot who became a big shot after his upset win(s) in 2014 Brnovich has governed with notable sobriety, competence and judgment.  And it’s nice to see Rubio stepping up to help someone who helped him in 2016 as his presidential campaign chairman in Arizona.


  • Roger Sobelinski

    John McCain is just that – A one Hit wonder, who lied to his constituents, on every election cycle basis, who was never a vet hero, who successfully got the SUN CITY crowd behind him (they are from the same era – AS I’am but I was never fooled how ever they have been) I believe many of them have seen the light. My last vote for McCain was 1986 (I learn fast).

    Now getting on to the CITY OF PHX, Good riddance Be Gone Stanton. If the people in Legislation district 9 become aware of Stanton he may never get elected again. He is a SNAKE that just looks for his own Opportunities ! However its sad that Daniel Valenzuela will probably be the next mayor of Phoenix (a city in decline) ! As long as we let the city get away with AUGUST elections, it will never change. Most phoenix residents don’t even know that the city elections are held in AUGUST !!! SAD

    Next is “Mark Brnovich”, I as a long time conservative, me thinks he has done OK job as attorney general of the great state of AZ. Does he have the ability to move up – I don’t think so. Bad move on his part (and please DO NOT remind me of RUBIO !)

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