The Scottsdale Independent is an invaluable source of local news.  And so it was again with a recent posting of an opinion piece by the former First Gentleman of Scottsdale, Larry Manross.  His wife, Mary, served as Scottsdale Mayor from 2000-2008. Click here to read the full opinion piece.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Larry declared his support for council candidates Betty Janik and Tom Durham.  The Manrosses were very active in the 2018 campaign for Proposition 420, the measure that put a stake through the heart of the ill-conceived Desert Discovery Center.  Prior to serving as Mayor, Mary Manross served on the City Council where she sided with slower growth sympathies more often than not, political space Janik and Durham are likely to occupy.

But it was Larry Manross’ endorsement of Dave Ortega that was a bit surprising.  After all, Ortega ran against his wife for Mayor in 2004, making it into the run-off before being soundly defeated by Mary.

A few days ago a contributor on this site complimented Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego tapping her former foe and Councilman Danny Valenzuela to help with an upcoming measure in the city.

It was appropriate kudos then, and they’re deserving for Manross now after showing the integrity he did to encourage others to vote for a person he probably didn’t think too highly of once upon a time.

Politics, and cities like Scottsdale, are enriched when former foes collaborate.  The successful passage of the community’s bond passage in 2019 is Exhibit A.

Ortega is in a tight race to be the city’s next Mayor.  The jury is still out if he will win or lose.  But he won the recent day when a true gentleman spoke out in a most surprising way.