Not Their Last Rodeo?

As Scottsdale debates who her next Mayor should be, it’s timely to reflect on and ask what is next for current Mayor Jim Lane and a 2020 mayoral aspirant who just missed the run-off election, Virginia Korte.  

Lane is concluding his third and final term with the city’s top title.  But it’s hard to believe his public service will be over.  Lane has grown into the role and can boast many successes.  In the past he has been linked to positions in Governor Ducey’s administration and other political opportunities.  It will be interesting to see if he seeks any such opportunities, or they seek him.

Speaking of another person with more to give, Korte boasted the best resume to ever seek the job.  Such credentials don’t suggest a sunset.  Nor should they.  Korte has her detractors but she has few peers when it comes to a love affair with Scottsdale, and her commitment to it.  Indeed, her skill set is so diverse that it surely begs attention from current and future Governors, Democrat or Republican.  At least we hope so.

Lane and Korte may soon be departing Scottsdale leadership.  But just as they have ethically and effectively aided the city, they are two people who can surely help our broader community in future years too.