More Scottsdale Polling Information & Insight

Yesterday we described some highlights from a poll of likely voters completed earlier this week in Scottsdale we have been able to see.  Here are some more:

The increasingly crowded City Council race is very fluid.  The overwhelming winner at this point is “Undecided” with 78% of the vote.  Of those garnering support as a first, second or third vote (there are 3 seats available) here’s where the race stands in advance of the probably August primary.  Remember the top six vote getters will move onto the November General Election unless someone gets 50%+1 in August, which is highly improbable.

Guy Phillips: 8%
John Little:  8%
Bill Crawford:  5%
Becca Linning:  4%
Tammy Caputi:  4%
Kevin Maxwell:  3%
Betty Janik:  3%
Michael Auerbach (Mr. Bark & Frisk):  3%
Tom Durham:  2%

Obviously, this is a very early snapshot but an interesting one, nonetheless.

As we mentioned previously, several issues were tested and the results to a couple were already relayed.  Here is another since, presumably, the issue of building heights has been a matter of discussion.

“Now I would like to read you two statements, and please tell me which comes closest to your own opinion.”

There are already buildings in place or planned up to 150 feet in downtown Scottsdale such as along the canal at the Scottsdale Waterfront, Honor Health and Scottsdale Fashion Square.  Good downtowns like Scottsdale have a variety of different heights, uses, and public enjoyment.  So long as projects with more height are located in appropriate locations and provide substantial public benefits such as more open space or revitalizing deteriorating buildings, than can be an important part of the downtown mix.


We should never allow building heights up to 150 feet in downtown Scottsdale, no matter where they are located or what the reason is. 

60% of voters agreed with the first statement while 35% sided with the second one.

As we have opined before Bob Littlefield’s vote to approve the Scottsdale Waterfront towers is viewed favorably by the electorate, as we believe Kathy Littlefield’s vote for Museum Square will be too.  There is undoubtedly a segment of the voter universe that does not like taller buildings but that view is held by a number eerily similar to the results of Bob Littlefield’s run for Mayor in 2016 when he garnered 36% of the vote.

Happy Valentine’s Day.