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Milhaven For Scottsdale City Council

In advance of the Iraq War and facing profound domestic opposition, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair shied away from no one, including his fiercest critic in the media.  He stood his ground and defended his position.  Whether one agreed with it at the time it showed confidence, command and leadership.

We feel the same way about Scottsdale City Councilwoman Linda Milhaven.  While we may disagree with her on support for the Desert Discovery Center, she is Tony Blair on a local level.

Milhaven is pro-business, pro-arts, pro-downtown and pro-preservation.  Responsive to all, she seems to relish engagement on the toughest issues.  In many ways she is the constitution of what makes Scottsdale great, and where the majority of citizens are, as reflected in the 2016 mayoral election.  And Milhaven has a resume to match.  Banker.  Former head of the Scottsdale Cultural Council.  Public service.

A recent Scottsdale Republic article revealed her as the only certain incumbent or potential challenger to run.  That’s great news for Scottsdale.  Our jury is still out when it comes to the others (Councilman David Smith, Counwilwoman Kathy Littlefield and NO DDC chieftain Jason Alexander). It’s not if Mayor Jim Lane ally Bill Crawford decides to run in 2018, or 2020.

But for now it’s not too early to celebrate, and endorse a class, impressive act named Linda Milhaven.

  • I had the opportunity to work with Councilwoman Linda Milhaven as she worked to negotiate an acceptable solution dealing with the Fashion Square Mall development project. I have never seen a city leader spend so much time and effort hearing all sides and working to get an acceptable solutions. Like all major projects not everyone’s desires could be met but she did a great job of coming to a reasonable compromise that could be accepted by the majority of those involved with the effort. We need all our representatives to work this hard.

  • Norton

    So we have you worried about your City Council Rubber Stamp so soon?

    You should be worried. When you take the wrong side of the DDC Vote issue you are making one of the worst mistakes of your political career.

    You can fluff us all you want – Milhaven’s career will end if the DDC moves ahead without a public vote. If you all love having her around, you might consider something other than giving us a political version of reach-around and instead tell her to call for a public vote.

    Who knows – I could be stone cold nuts. But probably not this time.

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