It’s Time For This Zombie Of A Project To Be Put To Rest

Every old zombie movie, and many of the new ones, employ a tried and true dramatic device. Just when you think the creature or monster or zombie is finally vanquished, it seems to rise up without explanation to terrorize the townsfolk again. Hopefully, the Scottsdale City Council will end this horror movie when it meets January 21st.

The creature is an ill-advised nursing home that would cram as many as 200 housing units onto a five acre parcel of land at McDowell Mountain Ranch Road at the doorstep of WestWorld. The parcel is currently zoned for five single family homes. Aside from an enormous density surge, the project jeopardizes WestWorld’s ability to hold signature events as it would be next door to scores of seniors who may not appreciate living next to a busy events center. And when those complaints arrive, events could vanish faster than Dracula in the noon Arizona sun.  Indeed this was such a bad idea that the Scottsdale Planning Commission seemingly put this monster out of its misery in a unanimous vote back in October.  Click here for some background.

And the same body rejected it again last month apparently making it the only development that has twice been rejected by a Scottsdale Planning Commission.

And for good measure, especially after the landslide citizen’s vote for new infrastructure in November 5th. Among the projects was some $50 million for upgrades in and around WestWorld. What an insult it would be for the City Council to thwart that which the voters just authorized. And we should mention this unnecessary project is opposed by 3 events that define the essence of Scottsdale: Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and the Scottsdale Quarterhorse Show.

There are at least 114 nursing homes in Scottsdale. There is only one WestWorld that voters just decided to invest more in to extend its tourism impact.

Unfortunately, this bad development application is not dead yet. Despite repeated rejections. Despite dozens of residents speaking out in opposition. Despite literally no one in support. The monster still lives. That’s because city staff inexplicably recommended that this project be approved.

Hopefully, the Scottsdale City Council can summon its collective inner Van Helsing and dispatch the creature once and for all when it comes before them January 21st.

City government doesn’t have to be perfect, but it shouldn’t resemble a monster movie.