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Is it Possible to be a Conservative at the Local Level?

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio certainly contradicts the notion in this headline.  And he has been an exceptionally important voice railing against many excesses in Phoenix city government.  But ultimately is a city best off with five, seven or nine Sal's?

Pardon the detour.

It would seem a consistent conservative message would go something like this.  The federal government is furthest away from the individual, the neighborhood, the need and therefore should spend the least.  And defer to the state.  The state then likewise should defer to counties, cities and towns as those governments are the ones closest to the people.  And it is there people want money spent.  On roads.  On the arts.  On kids programs.  On parks.  On police and fire.  On and on.

Look at Mesa.  For years it exercised its conservatism at all levels of government. And look where that got it.  That’s changed in recent years as a more progressive bent has situated the city for improvements.  This progressive spirit is what has allowed Scottsdale to establish and maintain its cache for decades, despite an overwhelmingly Republican registration.

So, it’s a fair question to ask:  if conservatives prevail at the national and state level (and we hope they do) should that necessarily be the case at the local one?


  • Jerry

    As a conservative, It is not about spending less… It’s about spending smart. I happen to agree with a lot of Sal’s ideas. I don’t think he has said publicly that we should remove the pensions, he has said stop spiking them. A notion that the State did get 20 or so years ago. Many of us just shake our heads when public safety in the way of fire, paramedics, police take a back seat to art programs. We should be spending money on some more of all three. How many? that’s the discussion we should have, its not 0. We should be spending more money on training for all of them.

    We should have enough staff in the city water and streets departments that we do not have broken water pipes causing wet spots for weeks that freeze over at night causing traffic hazards that allow cars to crash through dealerships (any one remember that one).

    We need to ensure safety of the citizenry first then if there’s any left over we can use it to play.

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