Hold The Line Paradise Valley

According to insightful reporting at the Paradise Valley Independent , the denizens of density behind the proposed Ritz-Carlton hotel and townhouse development in Paradise Valley are back.

This time the “We’re Baaack” is likely to be a noisier poltergeist for residents than the last time around.
So why are they returning to the political theater now?

A couple of reasons.

First, after viciously, and unsuccessfully attacking Mayor Scott Lemarr, his term is coming to an end. As a son of Paradise Valley Lemarr has long been a skeptic of the Ritz plans, that are actually being curated by Five Star Development – a company unrelated to the Ritz. Lemarr’s departure alone aids those seeking to pioneer more liberal development allowances in town.

Second, those who laughed at recent Ritz-Carlton/Five Star Development attempts to turn that which voters approved in 2008 into something reminiscent of Tempe have left or are leaving office come January.

There is no doubt a Ritz along the lines approved in 2008 could be a constructive addition to Paradise Valley.

But why would the Town sell its soul with unprecedented new densities, largely to bail out a developer now paying high interest rates on a hard money loan?

The good municipal work since the Great Recession has left the Town of Paradise Valley in a good financial condition. It holds the cards in this discussion. No hotel brand is worth the feeling it is trying to rent the community by the hour.