Guest Editorial: True Colors, True Motives in Scottsdale

By Recker McDowell —

Development, density, height and growth are center stage in Scottsdale as 2020 campaigns for Mayor and City Council ramp up.

There are legitimate questions about the growth trajectory and vision for the city including in Old Town Scottsdale. Those discussions and debates can be a positive for the future of the city.

What voters need to be careful of are growth and development concerns rooted in simply saying no to everything. And there are advocates on the slower growth side who are just ‘no growthers’.

There is nothing wrong with discerning or smart growth approaches. But a knee-jerk ‘no’ to everything does Scottsdale a disservice

‘Good’ projects that bring economic development, tourism and jobs and help the fabric of Scottsdale, (including the arts) should be welcomed.

Developments should fit Scottsdale’s architectural and community character and help areas such as Old Town evolve and mature.

That does not mean saying yes to everything. Scottsdale is a special community and an international destination because it has high standards.

Scottsdale has also made investments in its infrastructure, events venues and recreation assets that has helped taken its economy and tourism to the next level.

Voters should press candidates and advocates on both sides of the debate over density and development and on why they support or oppose specific projects.

They should press all candidates, all sides of the debate on their vision for the city and what specific investments they support and which ones they oppose.

This will foster more clarity and show candidates’ and activists’ real motives and true colors.