Guest Editorial: Salute to Our Teachers

By Betty Janik
Scottsdale City Council Candidate

Teachers inspire students and students inspire teachers. Let’s give a shout out to all teachers for their inspiration, especially in the difficult time of COVID. They have been teaching our children from a distance, not an easy task. The biggest perk of teaching is helping a student reach a mile stone in their education. The first-grade teacher celebrates when their young children learn that letters have sounds, sounds make words, then reading follows. This is the foundation of all learning – learn to read, read to learn.

I celebrated when my students did an investigation of buoyancy with student-made aluminum boats and paper clips – a hard concept made simple with great fun. With distance learning, teachers miss out on these perks. Added to that is the stress of using new technology abruptly forced on the teachers, students and parents. Additionally, the students, especially the young ones, aren’t learning as much because of the lack of contact with and nurturing by the teachers.

We need our teachers! I salute you for rising to the challenge. Your expertise makes a difference. Let’s hope for in-class learning to open for SUSD as scheduled on September 8. Let’s meet the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) so in-class learning can begin.

A few notes on the SUSD
This year’s school opening is far from normal. The Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) has two options available: Full Return to Campus (Pre-K-12) and Full Time Online (K-12). Students started the new school year on August 10, but all were forced to employ remote distance learning. The earliest anticipated date for enhanced distance learning to be converted to in-person is September 8. SUSD will be using the metrics established by ADHS to determine when it is safe to open schools to in-person learning for the current school year. For more information go to under news updates.


Betty Janik